Chengdu the Panda city of China

Chengdu the Panda city of China is beautiful and well manner city I have ever seen. Chengdu’s Panda 🐼 is most famous. Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province China. Chengdu is famous for its hometown of pandas. There are many scenic spots in Chengdu: New Century Global Center, Jiuzhaigou Valley, The panda base, Westwood snow mountain, Mount Qingyun and etc. Chengdu is the most exciting and vibrant city in all of China;

 Food & Chengdu the Panda city of China

Chengdu’s food is famous for its spicy and hot. Nowadays, in every big city in China, you can easily find many restaurants serving for chengdu’s cuisine.

Here is the list of some popular foods in Chengdu.

Chuan Chuan xiang, hot and spicy
Roasted Rabbit
Gan-shao, meaning to simmer or poach meat/fish/vegetable in soup stock,
Yu-xiang means “fish fragrance.”
Hot Pot (Very spicy, delicious, contains a lot of Oriental food,
Tofu pudding (soft tofu and Sweet taste)
Ma-Po Tofu
Camphor-wood and tea smoked duck
Gongbao Chicken
Banban Chicken
Chen-pi Ji, chicken with orange peel and hot chilies
Gan-bian Si-ji-dou (Szechuan green beans)
Xing-ren Dofu, an almond gelatin dessert served with canned fruit
Liang Xia. This is made of rice.
Suan-la, “sour and hot” as in the soup. A lot of dark vinegar

From the Eye of Camera (2016):

Chengdu the Panda city of China & CDU

Chengdu the Panda city of China is also famous for Chengdu University, a public university located in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, China. Chengdu University was founded in 1978. The university has 18 colleges with over 1,600 teachers and professors and more than 30,000 students.

Chengdu University is under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education. It is a comprehensive university with 100 years of history. Chengdu university has an affiliated hospital, and a national antibiotic research and development base.


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